Dear Members and Friends.
Hi all.
A Happy new year to you all and let?s hope we have a good PHAB Year in 2015. So far we have made a good start to the club night programme. And you have come up with some excellent ideas to add extra things on.
The big screen is proving popular and I think everyone enjoyed the Christmas videos at the party. We will be using it for showing DVDs some club nights and members can share their favourites with each other. Maybe start a DVD/CD lending library. If anyone wants to volunteer to keep records for this let me know. Just to write down who has lent what to whom and what date.

The snooker and pool tournaments will hopefully start soon... You will be able to join these at any time providing there is a partner available. Its proving to be very popular and should be interesting to see the different skill levels.

I know a lot of you enjoy the fish and chip nights and I have been trying to find a chip van to visit on a club night! Well I think I have found someone willing to do it so hopefully we can enjoy a few fish and chip supper nights. There are still a few details to sort out and then I will let you know well in time before the date they are booked to come. With the van on site members can go and get their own food and choose from the menu. There won?t be the wait and money collecting etc. that we usually have, as members will just pay the people selling it.

I am also organising for the community police to come and does a safety talk which is something you have asked for.

Eddies have offered to come on 31st March to help with Easter craft activities. We could have a nice Easter cake to share as well if I ask my daughter to make one!!

I am also organising some first aid training for volunteers and able members. The Oasis has a defaulter that can be used if anyone has a heart attack. It will be good for us to know how to use it in the event of an emergency.

I anyone is interested in doing this held day course please let me know as we need to get a full class if we can. I haven?t got a date yet though.

New dates for trips involving Midlands PHAB are:
Wixsteed Park Sunday 3rd May

Midlands Meander at Ferry Meadows on Sunday 23rd August.

I haven?t got dates for our club trips yet and we will decide these at our next committee meeting. I will send out a letter to ask who wants to go to Bressingham steam later on. I think it will be best to wait until the cold weather has gone.

We do have two Country Artists booked for March 19th at The Community Centre Wisbech St Marys. This is a fundraising public event.
Tickets are £ 10.00 and this includes a bar. There will also be rolls for sale and a good raffle.
We will have flyers advertising it at club next time so if you can help by getting some displayed please take some.

I have also asked to hold a collection at ASDA which I am waiting confirmation on. If you are interested in helping I can put you on the rota. It only needs two people at any one time and they look after us really well.
Finally I hope everyone who came to the Dinner enjoyed it? We didn?t have so many come this year and I am thinking it maybe we need to look at it and perhaps do something different next year instead.
A meal out somewhere or a social and buffet night? We will discuss it at our next committee meeting and if you have any ideas let me know. January is such a dead month and I think it?s nice to have an extra get together for the members and volunteers.

Meanwhile Keep enjoying our lovely club and I will do my best to keep supporting you all.

PS if you ring my home number please make sure you leave a message on my answer machine as I wait for it to come in to find out who it is due to getting lots of cold calls.
Posted by Carol on 27th May 2014