Dear Members and Friends.
Hi all.

Thought I would do an update as have more news to tell you all.

The new touch screen is going to be set up soon and all the members will be able to have a go with it in time.

We should be able to download some fun games for members to use. It should be fun and educational. Also we can use it to show DVDs and play the Wii game.

The trip to Wroxham was lovely. It was great for us all to be in one coach and we actually covered the costs for a change.

Also the Wixsteed Park day was great and I think you all got your money?s worth of rides!!

There is going to be some great club nights coming up! Sarah is going to carry on doing the Bingo and there will be a small prize every win. I have also booked Eddies to come and entertain us on 16th Sept. They are going to perform some drama and music which I think people will be invited to join in with.

They are also coming again on Nov 25th to do some craft activities with a Christmas theme.

On 30th Sept I have booked a couple of chaps who sing and entertain. Their names are Pete and Nev. It should be a good sing a long with familiar music and dancing if you want.

Then as on the programme FACET are coming back. They will be performing some Halloween themed music and movement at the Halloween Party on Oct 28th. Also we will finally get to hear their choir on 3rd Dec when they will come and sing Christmas songs and carols.

Finances and fundraising.

Things are looking a bit better now after a bit of a bumpy ride through July! As the people who use it know the automatic door has broken and other repairs have cost nearly £ 4,000. Also we had another shock when it needed its annual service. Tony thought it would cost around £ 500.00 but it needed a lot more work such as brakes,

new door handle (£ 335.41) exhaust (£ 174.00) Labour etc. all coming to nearly £ 2,000.

So with these 2 bills both coming together it has left the account very low on funds. We have had the door computer done and other things it needed. Now we have to wait until we have raised some more funds to buy and fit the motor. Hopefully with the good news I have now had this will soon be sorted as well.

The good news is that as a result of a letter I wrote to The Robert Hall charity, they have sent us a donation of £ 2,000. They are the charity that gave us £ 10,000 to help buy the bus so I thought they would help if they could. It was fantastic to open this letter with the lovely big cheque in after all the bus problems.

We also had a great 2 days at ASDA collecting funds. This has brought in another £ 388.00. Thanks to everyone who collected and it was great that we had so many willing helpers.

A big thank you goes out as well to Sarah?s partner for doing the river swim. He raised £ 350.00 and some of this will go towards publicity leaflets and a banner.

My granddaughter Kayleigh has completed her Triathlon and is still collecting the sponsor money in. She has done really well and I will let you all know how much she rose next time.

The Country and Western night went really well and we sold a lot of tickets. We made over £ 700.00 at this event and everyone enjoyed it. There were a lot of line dancers who like Darren Busby so we have already booked him and his friend Andy Smith, who also sings Country for Sept 3rd Next year!

We are finding the Country nights are really easy to organise and put on so we are planning now to hold 2 a year. We have already booked two good artists for March 19th 2015. These are Johnny Williams and Lynette Marie. We hope they bring in lots of people and another enjoyable fundraising night.

Club membership for the second half of the year is also due so all this will help us to top up the bank balance again.

Other Fundraising Events:

The fete on 6th Sept has been cancelled. I didn?t have enough people to man all the stalls and set everything up. I considered scaling it down to a coffee morning but in the end decided to cancel.

We still have the sponsored walk and Picnic at Sandringham on 14th September. I hope lots of you can come and you get lots of people to sponsor you. We are doing this instead of Ferry Meadows Meander this year. As that was changed to Wixsteed Park in April. We felt it would be too much to do the walk and the rides in one day!

We are also holding a Bingo on 14th November at The Oasis and June is having a cake stall with The Beavers on 20th Sept. If you want to donate any cakes then bring them to the next club please on 16th Sept. They should keep until the 20th.

Trips out

I keep getting asked about trips out and when there will be any more?

We do have to rely on our volunteer drivers giving their time to organise days out, so please bear with us on this. We will do our best to organise more trips but I always have to consider prices and drivers first.

I am going to book some seats for the Pantomime at The Corn Exchange again this year. Cost of tickets will be £ 16.00 per person. Please let me know if you are interested in going as the tickets soon sell out, especially for the groups.

We might also organise another bowling trip later on as I know a lot of you enjoy these and they are not too expensive.

You can also nominate places for a coach trip next year. I am thinking Cadburys World again? I will be asking at club anyway so have a think about it and let me know your choices.

See you at PHAB

Posted by Carol on 27th May 2014