Bob Keely

Top Country Artist

At Wisbech St Marys Community Centre PE13 4SS

Sept 1st 2016. 7:30pm -11:30pm

Pay on the door. £8.00. To reserve a table contact:

Carol 01945700063 or Tony on 01945582163

In aid of Wisbech PHAB Club
Raffle, Bar + Rolls £1.00 each.


Hi all.

Sorry it’s been a long time before an update on here. I do give out regular newsletters as the members will know but the website is something I think about then put off unfortunately.

The new dates for the Diary are now done and we have a busy programme for you all. It’s been a bit challenging these last few weeks due to getting a new driver in place. I am so grateful to Sally for doing it and we hope she will continue on the rota, now for a long time.

I am applying for funding to train more drivers and hope to get them involved soon. Meantime we are a bit limited what we can offer in the way of trips. If we ever get a summer I will ask the existing drivers if they are willing to do a seaside trip but I know they are very busy people.

I am hoping to get the fish van back but the lady who runs it has been very ill. She is recovering now though and will let me know when she can come again.

The new Cd and DVD lending library should be starting soon. Anyone with Cds or DVDs they no longer need can donate to the library. It will be a good opportunity to listen to different music and see a film you think you would enjoy.

I hope you are not too disappointed that I haven’t put a Pub night in until Oct 25th. I know a lot of you enjoy these nights. However not everyone does enjoy the pub plus it can be more expensive. If any members wish to organise for some of their friends to go to the pub on a club night we can arrange for the driver to take them or drop them there. As long as we know where you are and everyone is safe we can support you to choose this as an option on a club night. I am sure I could find a volunteer willing to go with a small group.

Sept 13th is a Karaoke and talent show. I know several of you like singing and we thought this would give you a chance to show your talents. It doesn’t have to be singing though. Poetry, dancing etc. can all be included. You can get together with others to do things together and dress up to complete the performance. If you need any lyrics to come up on the screen though please let us know if advance as we need time to download the song etc.

I have asked Eddies to make us two giant beetles from fabric and two large dice. I don’t know if any of you have played beetle but it’s a very simple game where you throw a dice to build the beetle. 6 for a body 1 for a head etc. We thought if we did it in two teams it would be good fun and quite a laugh. Also the connect four is popular and we will have two giant ones so each team can try to get a line first.

I am also organising some new Bingo cards and nice glass stones for the covers. I discovered the centre has an electronic Bingo machine which shows big numbers and lights up. So these will be easier for members to see and understand.

Don’t forget that if you have any spare things for prizes we are always grateful for them. Things like in date biscuits or sweets, nice shower gels or soaps, evne tins of fruit or baked beans. Any small items that are useful will be good for the raffle or Bingo.

I hope most of you manage to get a holiday or a few days away somewhere different. I know the opportunity for this isn’t available. Although we are not in a position to support people with a holiday I can always make enquiries for members.

I met a lady today who is going to help with some funding. I have asked for two nice benches to put outside the back of the hall. Plus training for new drivers and another cupboard to store things in. She is also going to see if she can get someone to come in and do a healthy eating course. This will help to get the funding and we can then offer this course.

I think that’s all for this blog. Hope the sun will shine for the rest of the summer and we get some much needed sunshine to cheer us all up after all the recent rain.

Happy Phabbing

Posted by Carol on 08/07/2016
We Need Another Volunteer Driver

Can you help spread the word? Do you know anyone who could help?


Join our drivers to go on the 6 weekly rota (Must hold a D1 Licence), to take club members from their homes in March and bring them the club at The Oasis Centre Wisbech and take them home again. Driving for trips and other events as agreed and planned with committee and members.

Times: start from Wisbech at 6.15pm and take members back at 9.15pm

Volunteer Escort provided. One wheelchair user with carer to go on the lift. The bus is stored at Wisbech and drivers are responsible for keeping the bus refuelled A Tesco fuel card system is operated.

Free Midas training, expenses paid, other perks such as free entry to venues if driving.

Please contact Carol on the above details if you are interested and she will be happy to discuss it with you.

Posted by Carol on 29/03/2016